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Cracking The Beauty Tips Mansoon Code

When it comes to about our Beauty, Monsoon is a clumsy season. your hard efforts to control hair loss. maintaining the glow of your skin and similar attempts go in vein. once you get  wet all makeup that apply its will dirty. Seasonal changes are additional to the skin problem. And this makes it really mandatory to care of your skin for that check the Few  Simple Monsoon Tips.


Do Not heavy Makup
Let your skin Breath in monsoon also by applying excessive make you spoil your natural skin and will end up looking artificial Makeup can completely spoil your hard work So, be on safer side by applying minimal makeup.

If you have dry skin then you need to moisturize your skin. In this season your skin chapped and dry.For that only you have to moisturize your skin at least once in day specially apply in night before sleep for good result.

Do Not Use Oily Skin Products.
In this season do not use to much moisturize, cream base foundation or consider on your skin.If you want then you can apply calamine lotion before makeup .This helps you to non-oily skin.

Use A Toner.
Always use toner,This is not only cleanses the skin but also moisturize your skin.Use toner before wash your face every day.This helps to open closes pore and retain the balance.

Use Fruit Face Pack.
Fruits scrub face pack for mansoon skin care strawberry,mango,peach,and papaya are healthy fruit for your skin.Apply a face pack twice in a week to keep the glowing complexion even during the season change.

Drink More Water.
Drinking lots of water definitely benefits your skin.The more hydrate you are the more your skin. Shine and looks glossy.So,to make your face shiny and bright drink at least 8 to 10 glasses water every day. water flushes out toxins from the body and cleanses your skin pores.

These are few amazing mansoon skin care tips that can be helpful for you to keep beautiful.

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  1. October 10, 2012 Thanks Sharon! And you got that rih0;&#823gt.the path is rarely easy, but it is so worth it!Love the “feel the fear and do it anyway!” Great, great advice for folks!