Make this Diwali Wonderful for You


Diwali is an ancient Hindu Festival celebrated in autumn every year. Diwali is the biggest and brightest festival in India. The festival signifies the victory of light over darkness. With Diwali just round the corner we need to come up with a celebration.

You must have already planned many things for this Diwali is the grand celebration which starts with Dhanteras & ends with Bhaubij. Garlands of fresh marigolds eye­pleasing colures of rangoli, warmth of oil lamps and sparkling crackers are what make diwali divine & auspicious. Read on and get some fabulous ideas to make this Diwali wonderful for you.

Gift Ideas Of Diwali

Celebrations bring joy with them. Everybody loves to receive gifts Wrap sweet memories and your wishes along with the gift & spend them to your loved ones. Here are five gifts ideas for this Diwai.

1. Send traditional greeting cards through post your loved ones and not emails.
2. Gift your kith & kin lamps coloured and decorated by you on the festival of lights.
3. Gift a set of special automatic oil that can be used for the special Diwali bath.
4. How about gifting elegant, colourful and scented candles to your family and friends.
5. Gift the little ones gift ones hampers containing, crackers sparkles, fire pencils and bombs which they will enjoy bursting.

Rangoli Ideas for Diwali.


Rangoli is ancient Indian folk art Rangoli designs are an important occasions and celebrations here are five striking rangolis ideas of for this diwali.
1. Make a visit to a rangoli exhibition if you can & get inspired for creating some innovative designs.
2. Instead of copying rangoli designs from a book, come up with your own rangloi designs. You can boast about your creativity.
3. Chucks the dots & try free hand rangoli designs this diwali you may draw eye pleasing scenery or sketch of your favourite actor. let your imagination flow.
4. Fill the surroundings with the fragrance of fresh flowers; Try makingrangoli with flower petals during this Diwali.

Shopping Ideas for Diwali.

Diwali shopping is an important aspect of this special Hindu festival of lights. All shopping places are flooded with shopping enthusiasts before Diwali. Find great Diwali deals and offer of your favourite stores for Diwali gifts.

Here are five ideas for some smart diwali shopping.

1. Firstly decided how much you can spend on shopping during diwali. Decide your budget in advance to avoid your expenses.
2. Avoid shopping on the eleventh hour. Plan and get done with your diwali shopping at least one or two weeks before the festivals starts.
3. Try out your new cloths before the actual celebration starts to see if they are comfortable & well fitted.
4. Make a shopping list & include everything in it from cloths to crackers. You will not miss anything while shopping.
5. Make a list of all the special offers and discount that are available during the diwali seasons and picked the best ones.

Decoration Ideas for Diwali

People make their dwelling free of dust before Diwali. Many people give fresh coats of paints to the walls. You can make your Diwali even special these five amazing decoration ideas.

  1. Buy some fresh flowers the from the market and fill each & every corner of your house with roses, sun-flower,& daisies.
  2. Buy ready made plain lamps 7 awake the artist within you paint these lamps in vibrant colures & textures & let your home get illuminated.
  3. Make kandil (lantern) at home instead of buying one. Be as creative as you can. Come with exiting unused shapes.
  4. Place bowls of floating flowers in the corners of your house you can sprinkle some glitters over it. A single candle in the center would make it look beautiful.
  5. Illuminate your home with some perfumed candles and create a special festive aura. Let up goodness Laxmi bestow her blessing upon you.

Five special things to do on this Diwali.

Diwali is for worshipping goddess Laxmi on the day of Laxmi pujan beyond the pious pujan charity is one great way to please the gods.

  1. Donate whatever you have and in return get blessings from people you helped. Here are five good deeds you can do on this Diwali. Distribute crackers among poor children’s you will fill contented to see the smile on their faces.
  2. Give away your old cloths to needy peoples, they will bless you.
  3. Visit an orphanage and distribute sweets among orphans’.
  4. Make vow to be nice everyone as Diwali symbolizes the victory of good over evil.
  5. Buy something for yourself if you have been longing for it for quite some time.

In the Hindu mythology Diwali signifies the return of lord Rama with his wife Sita & brother Laxman from fourteen years exile. Therefore we celebrate Diwali and seek the blessings of various deities during diwali. Diwali is all about good winning over evil.

Make your to do list for this Diwali & enjoying festival with great enthusiasm. Have Safe And Happy Diwali !!

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