Health Tips For Mansoon

While the showers of first rain may bring joy, it can also give rise to various health problems like viral fever, leptospirsis, allergies and other rain problems.

For that you have to need in this season go an extra mile to keep the germs and bacteria away.
so! I shares simple tips to enjoy this rainy season in healthy way.

1: This mansoon drink only boiled and filtered water.
In mansoon you should drink only filtered and boiled water.but remember one thing within 24 hours of boiling.In order to keep germs attack at drink lots of herble ginger tea,lemon tea or green tea.If don’t like tea then you can drink vegetables soups also

2: Wash leafy vegetables & fruits before consuming.
Before consuming fruits & vegetables wash them nicely especially leafy vegetables because their play many worms & dust .to get ride of this bacteria wash them under water the other best option steem or soaking them for 10 minutes in salt water it can helps you remove insects.

3: This mansoon cook your food throughly
Eating raw or uncooked food means invite trouble for you by your own

4: Eat fresh fruit and vegetables more than junk food.
Instead of junk food or garam garam bhajiya eat fresh cook or freshly cut fruit & vegetables.

5: Consume food like garlic,ginger,black paper,turmeric & coriander.
During all seasons especially during mansoons as the body finds it harder to digest food quickly,In order to enhance your digestion you can prefer consume food like garlic,ginger,black paper,turmeric, & coriander.

6: Drink soups.
If you are non-veg lovers please prefer light meals like soups & stews rather than heavy non-veg dishesh.

7: Take distance from street food.
It’s difficult to resist the street food during mansoon, but stay as far as possible away from all that in this street food their are many types of germs & they give birth many kind of diseases.

8: Do not eat stale food.
Avoid stale or leftover food.

9: Wash your hand & chopping board.
Clean & thoroughly wash your chopping board before using them.Wash your hand before handling food or after eating food.& after using toilet.

10: Use insects repellents.
Use insects repellents & take proper precautions to stay away from mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies, termites.etc.
Eat Healthy To Be Hale & Healthy……………

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