Shop, Celebrate, Eat & Beat The Heat This Gudi Padwa

We Indians have festivities going on round the year. A So just a Diwali once a year is not enough for us. We want our Holi, Navratri , Karvachauth and Janmasthami too! We simply love to celebrate. And what would be more special than celebrating our own Hindu new year after celebrating the English new year just 3 months ago! The festival of Gudi Padva marks the advent of the Hindu new year. It’s a remarkable festival. Not only is it the 1st day of the year but it also announces the change in season. It brings with the summertime. It’s the first festival of the year. Padwa is the 1st day of the 1st month of the year the Chaitra shudha pratipada. Its time to throw away the old panchang and buy a new one!

Gudi padwa celebration

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People celebrate Padwa mainly by erecting the Gudi or a decorated stick in front of their houses. It’s adorned with neem leaves, flowers, zari cloth and a lota are inverted on top of it. legend has it that citizens of ayodhya welcomed Lord Ram by erecting gudis in front of their houses. Some believe that Brahma started creating the world on this day. For reasons more than one it’s an auspicious day for us. Why else would we include it in the list of sade teen(three and a half) muhurtas. That’s right! It’s the first of the sade teen muhurtas. Talk about being number one. Also it is said that whatever new task u take on today will be successful. Those who are in school are supposed to pray to the Goddess of knowledge Saraswati today. This day symbolizes everything that’s good and auspicious.
Since it’s the 1St auspicious muhurth it is customary to make a new purchase on this day. People especially buy gold today. It’s considered very lucky. Now that’s interesting. I hope all you ladies are getting what I am trying to say here. Go and buy yourself that piece of jewellery you had been wanting for a long time. Sasumaa will only feel indulged in getting her dearest DIL her favorite necklace. Also, it’s new clothes. Now that’s just cherry on top. You can shop and it’s legit. No one will stop you. So get out there and buy those sundresses and cotton shirts. Koovs, NNNOW, Abof all have great discounts on cotton kurtis carves sarees and all.
And the buying doesn’t stop there. The tradition has been updated! Now people buy electronics and automobiles too. So it’s not just for the ladies and hip people. All you techie folks can also take advantage of this day and buy that gadget you were putting on hold buying. Automobile sales are known to skyrocket around this time. All dealers bring attractive deals for their customers.
Summertime is holiday time. Exams are over, schools are closed.time to pack your bags and go visit your cousins. yay! Or a family trip abroad or an adventure camp in the mountains. Time to shop for bags and travel accessories. Also, all the travel websites like a holiday are, come up with exciting packages around this time. Even our very own irctc. A brings out interesting tour packages. So get set go and Bon voyage!
Wheather spend your summer traveling or relaxing at your home. You must take care of your skin. Summer can cause prickly heat sunburn dehydration or loss of appetite in general. It’s therefore a custom to put neem leaves in bath water. Neem has a special significance in this festival. It’s known to have antibiotic properties and also prevents prickly heat. People even consume neem. It helps secrete digestive juices which prevent bloating. So toss a few fresh leaves along with tamarind and add jiggery to it and blend into a chutney. It’s a magic potion. It protects your body from the heat all year long. So bring out your neem soaps, face washes, neem talk set al. or go rustic with a neem bath if u fancy. Aa good sunscreen with SPF 30 and above is a must. Buy branded ones like Lakme, Garnier, Nivea, Vaseline or go a natural with khadi boroplus or lotus.
Also any festival is not complete without a over the top meal. Satiate your taste buds with the ever so delicious puran poli or bring home the taste of india amul shrikhand and fry some puris. Or make yummy desserts with the ready mixes like gits mother’s recipes etc. A So shop celebrate eat and beat the heat this Padwa. A happy new year to one and all!