7 Popular Gift Suggestions For This Festive Season

Birthdays, marriage anniversaries, weddings, baby shower, and housewarming ceremony – these are some occasions where we get to socialize with others. We share our happiness with near and dear ones at these events. It is not only about food, fun, and frolic. Special occasions and festive seasons mean brainstorming over what to gift. Yes! It is one question that haunts us all. Most people think that last minute gift shopping is secure. When they finally step into the store, they realize the magnitude of their mistake. They either don’t get what they want to gift, or they end up purchasing something that will not be of any use. It is time to clear the slate. Always remember, no matter what you are paying for the gift, it is your money. Make sure you put it to good use.

Bags, purses and iPad covers

No one can go about their busy lives without a bag. Bags are useful and can double up as a fashion accessory. So, it has dual utilities. All women love handbags and purses. These are must-haves for fashion conscious ladies. Apart from carrying their belongings in an organized manner, they can use it to dress up their outfits. You can choose from several options when it comes to ladies bags and purses. Men mostly carry wallets, but these are also available in several colors and materials. If this seems too confusing, then opt for laptop or iPad covers.

Laptops and iPads are common in every household. So, a nice laptop bag or iPad cover will come in handy to keep these gadgets safe and secure. Real leather bags are rather expensive. If your budget is low, then opt for a synthetic material. More color, pattern, and design options are available in this. Purchasing bags from online stores is more lucrative as you get price cuts and discount offers. In case you are a privilege card holder, you will receive extra discounts from the company as well.

Makeup and skincare products

Most men and women are conscious about their skincare routine. Most high-end skincare and makeup brands are highly expensive. Thankfully, they also offer gift baskets, which consist of smaller product samples. These are ideal for gifting during festive seasons or otherwise. Another good option for women is makeup products. These will enhance their beauty and make them self-confident. If you don’t have any knowledge about her makeup taste, then don’t take any chances. Chanel, Bobby Brown, Smashbox, Estee Lauder and Morphe are some high-end cosmetic brands. The products are of top quality and expensive as well. They often offer special discounts and coupons. Anyone can apply these coupon codes and get additional price cuts. You don’t want to invest in a lipstick that will not flatter the receiver. Try to attain some information about the person’s taste before opting for these.

Watches are top contenders

Gifting a watch is a symbolic way of telling then to try and be on time. Enough with the jokes! If you cannot zero in on any item, then stick to gifting watches. These timepieces help us to keep track of time and look elegant as well. Metal and leather bands look formal and chic. If you want to give it to a youngster, then opt for funky printed bands. Women like delicately carved metal bands with smaller dials. If the future receiver of the watch is into technology, then a smartwatch will be like a cherry on the icing. Samsung, Apple, Pebble, and Motorola are some companies, which sell these smartwatches, at affordable prices. Opting for the end of season sale will lower the cost significantly.

Books are greatest companions

If your friend or family member is a bookworm, then only a book will make him/her really happy. Books are available on several subjects. Children like fairytales, adventure and science fiction books, while adults delve into more profound matters concerning history, politics, economics and pure fantasies. Try to purchase a book that the person does not already own.

Home décor and scented candles

Many love to decorate their homes. They will appreciate home decoration items like showpieces, candle stands, carved vase, urns, and picture frames. These pieces will add character to the room and highlight its beauty. You can also gift scented candles to such people. These aromatic candles have a soothing effect on the nerves. These candles will fill the room with soft yellow light, and create the perfect ambiance for a romantic differ.

Perfumes for him and her

Perfumes are expensive gifting items. That does not mean you cannot find anything affordable in the market. The fragrance of the perfume will linger in the room and remind the receiver of you. Now that is an excellent way to stay on someone’s mind! In case you have your heart set on this, make sure you have an idea about his/her choices. Women prefer floral scents while men like woody fragrances.

Clothes as gifts

Gifting clothes can be tricky. The safest way to never go wrong is to gift safe clothing pieces, like ties for men and scarves for women. Fashion conscious men and women highly value both ties and scarves. Do not opt for over the top items. Sticking to subtle colors will ensure maximum success. If the person is into bright colors and busy patterns, then you can pick extravagant pieces. Apart from clothes, opting for smaller and classy accessories will also do the trick.

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