Holi is an amazing, bright and boisterous festival celebrated in India as one of our significant festivals. It is celebrated in the month of Phalgun. It is celebrated on the full moon day of the last lunar month of the winter season. It is a spring festival of fun, fervor and friendship .It is the time to unite and celebrate with “No bars and No boundaries”. It is the time to dance and celebrate life in all colors of the rainbow. According to Hindu calendar it is the beginning of a New Year. It is a festival to celebrate the Love of divine Lord Krishna and Radha, and moreover the celebration of getting victory on good over evil.  This year Holi will be celebrated on 24 March 2016 proceeding with “Holika Dahan” on 23 March 2016.

Holi celebration in india

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The two days festival starts with bonfire celebrations with people dancing and eating together in Holika Dahan and the other day is a carnival of colors where people play with water gun, smeared Gulal and Abeer  on everyone’s face, through colored water balloon on each other.

Story behind This Fiesta

Holi is baptized after Holika, who in Hindu Mythology was the sister of Hriynakashyap. Hriynakashyap was the father of Prahlad who was the devotee of Lord Vishnu. Holika a demon was supposed to immune from fire carried Prahalad into the fire but Prahalad managed to miraculously escape and she burnt. From that very time, people started burning a bonfire and celebrate the victory of good over evil.holika-dahan
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 In India, different states and cities have their unique tradition and different ways of celebrating Holi. Women indulged themselves in cooking different sweets for the festivity of Holi. Gujia is the main attraction of Holi. In some states like Rajasthan, women make Mathri which is made of cumin, flour and various spices. Other than that more common food items are Dahi Bhalla and Papri Chat. Bhang is the most imperative intoxicating drink of the day.

Braj Ki Holi

The most popular Holi celebration takes place in Braj, Uttar Pradesh, The place where Lord Krishna grew-up. People in Braj play Holi with flowers and colors for around 16 days to rejoice the love of Radha and Lord Krishna.


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The most loved festival is around the corner, get ready to splash your loved ones with authentic colors and flowers. Play a safe and wonderful holi.