A gift for your friend on Friendship Day!!


Anyone can make you happy by doing something Special…But only someone special can make you happy without doing anything and that’s My Friends…..
I Love you forever.

Friendship-DayWhenever we are thinking about our friends, a beautiful smile automatically comes on face. Nobody knows what is the magic in this reletionship, everyone feels very easy with friends and everything looks simple whenever we are facing anything with friends.

A single sentence “Sab Ho Jaega D’ont worry chill mar thoda” change our mood. This is the only relation made from our own choice.

From Where Friendship Day Started

Friendship Day celebration takes place on first Sunday of August of every year. Tradition of dedicating a day in honor and to express your love to friends being in US in 1935.  Gradually this festival gained popularity and today Friendship Day celebrated in large number of country including in the India.  On this day people spend time with their friends and express love for them. Exchange Friendship day’s gifts like flowers, cards and wrist bands are popular tradition of this occasion.

Hey guys this friendship Day do you have any Idea what you gift to your friend?  NO!

Let’s have some suggestions for you. I hope it’ll help you to choose some gifts for your lovely friends. Here are some Idea’s that give you hour to spend time with your Friends.

Gift Suggestions for you 

  1. Choco treat for best friends.
  2. Lotus bamboo in ceramic pot.
  3. Personalize photo mug.
  4. Mixing photo frame of you and your friend.

   gift newIt’s give you happiness to see that frame and remember that days that you spent with your friends. I am sure it’s being smile in your face and makes your checks pink!

Friend sentimental bracelet or watch that always realizes you friends is what you’re with him/her or Leather wallet with your both passport size photo or with printed photo on that wallet.

Phone case: Printed photo phone case.

For boys you can give shirt, sun glasses, perfume or deo, watch, bracelet, phone case, tie, saving kit, belts. And if your budget is good then not other than you can give mobile or any gold accessories. One pair key chain for his favorite bike, showpieces, greetings, CDs or books.

If you’re looking gifts for girls, you know about gifts, they are very choosey. They want gifts but they also showing so much attitude. I want this! I don’t want that! I don’t like that blah.. blah.. blah..!

I am trying to clear your confusion, which type to gifts you should give to girls. First of all girls always like mouth watering gifts – Chocolate, that you can give them by closing their eyes.

Girls always like whole day – Make up kit! You can give her this. You can give them soft toys. Girls always keep it with them in their room or bed.

Girls love clothes and dresses – that you can give them dress or kurtas and other clothing like shirt, t-shirt, scarf, or western wear. Purse, cloches and wallet you can give or give mugs with print your group photo, or only you both photo on mugs.

Nail shades: can you thinking about this unique gift forever if you realize, girls hand specially their fingers you never seen their real nails because always put nail police.

Beautiful pendant and neck chain: A beautiful neck chain and pendant is also good option to gift her.

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Last but not the least book, greeting, friendship band, dolls, key-chain, mobile kits, CD’s and flower are the best gift on Friendship Day for your lovely friend.

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